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Turn your classroom into a digital marketplace

A real-time trading game designed for economics students.

Simple and powerful

Students buy and sell emoji on a powerful, real-time trading platform, designed solely for education. Can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet, or computer; in-person or remotely.

Bite-sized activities

Comprehensive range of pre-configured 10-30 minute activities, each designed to teach a single topic. Includes a lesson plan and interactive debrief slides, which explain the theories involved and summarise trading outcomes.

Fun and engaging

Engage students with social and game elements, such as a news feed, teams/groups, personalised avatars, and rewards.

Advanced capabilities
coming soon

Incorporate auctions, labour markets, manufacturing of goods, and derivative securities into activities.

Featured Activity

Supply and demand

This activity is a digital take on the experiments conducted by Chamberlin (1948) and Smith (1962).

Students are assigned roles of buyers or sellers, and given price limits. They trade by making offers or accepting the offers of others.

Immediately after, numerous interactive charts are available to analyse the data generated and confirm whether an efficient outcome was achieved, as predicted by the theory!

An interactive explainer is also available for this topic.

What topics do we cover?

Our growing collection of activities aims to cover these fundamental topics.


Comparative advantage
Barter and money
Gains from trade
Supply & Demand
Price elasticity
Price controls
Tariffs and quotas
Monopoly and Oligopoly
Information asymmetry
Behavioural economics
Game Theory


Prices and Inflation
Aggregate supply & demand
Labour markets
International trade


Market efficiency
Financial Markets
Prediction Markets

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